Ode to Judge Leon D. Lazer

By   /   June 1, 2012 


28 Touro Law Review 561

Ode to Judge Leon D. Lazer

Martin A. Schwartz


Honorable Lazer, Leon D.

We’re As Proud As We Can Be

Appellate Division Jurist

Integrity the Purist

Jury Instructions Pattern Chair

New Edition Year to Year


T’was Back Around 1989

He Rode Right Through

A Special Moment in Time


He said, “Now give me a Course;”

“I Can Be a Major Force.”

He Got Torts One and Torts Two

His Stature Quickly Grew

When Land Use Came His Way

Students Clamored to Hear

What the Judge Had to Say


Became Dean of CLE

Got Unlucky As Can Be

You Know What I Mean

Got Stuck Working With Me


So This is the Story

Of Supreme Court Review

Started Quite Slowly

The Audience Just a Few


The Two of Us Bickered

Verbal Blow Verbal Blow

But By Hook or By Crook

We Put On Quite A Show

And Poor Hakimi, Barbara

Got Caught In The Flow


And All These Years Later

We Still Disagree

No Way to Stop The Judge

From Fighting With Me

But That’s How Touro Got

Great CLE


He’s Been A Great Colleague

He’s Been A Great Friend

Loves The New York Mets

But Wisely Holds His Bets

Wille Mays, Say Hey

Watched Him Play at Shea

The Man is So Loyal

What More Can I Say


Honorable Leon D. Lazer

What a Great Teacher

What A Great Guy

Touro’s Been Lucky

And, Of Course,

So Have I


Honorable Lazer, Leon D.

We’re As Proud,

As We Can Be.

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