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Are You Satisfied with Your Representation?—The Sixth Amendment Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel

By   /  March 18, 2014  /  6th Amendment, Constitutional Law, Featured 

Gavel on Lawbook

A criminal defendant’s right to counsel has been embedded in our nation’s history for centuries. The right is codified in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution and exists as the bedrock of our criminal justice system. Like many other transactions in our society, the assistance of counsel is a service that is provided by one individual to another. This service is essential due to the gravity of the penalties that a criminal defendant may face when accused of a crime.

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What Are We Searching For?: Conditions, Elements, and Requirements for a Valid “Searching Inquiry” in the State of New York

By   /  June 1, 2012  /  6th Amendment, Constitutional Law 

Blind Justice

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution gives a criminal defendant certain guaranteed rights, including the right to an attorney in criminal cases. Crampe [...]

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