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Putting the CISG Where it Belongs: In the Uniform Commercial Code

By   /  April 22, 2013  /  Contracts 

Man Holding Globe

[T]his Comment will propose that the UCC itself should be amended to include explicit language that Article 2 does not apply to a sale of goods contract when a buyer and seller have their principal place of business in two different contracting states under the CISG. [...]

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Second Circuit Stands on its Head, Affirming Stewart

By   /  April 15, 2013  /  1st Amendment, Constitutional Law, Online Exclusive 

Scales of Justice and Gavel

Lynne Stewart, graduate of Rutgers School of Law, once had a prominent career as a civil rights attorney. She participated in many high-profile cases, representing members of the mafia and the Black Liberation Army, but most recently found herself on trial for federal crimes.

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