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Unreasonable Attorney Fees: Queens County Supreme Court Reduces Attorney Fee Request by 45% for Excessiveness, Bill Padding, and Inefficiency

By   /  April 15, 2013  /  Online Exclusive, Professional Responsibility 

Scales of Justice on Money

In Francis v. Atlantic Infiniti, Ltd., plaintiff’s attorneys made a motion for reimbursement of reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in the sum of $102,560.60, pursuant to New York’s LEMON LAW. The underlying action involved the purchase of a used Infiniti QX4 car with major mechanical problems that were not timely remedied by the defendant.

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Do Automobile Passengers Have A Legitimate Expectation Of Privacy? An Analysis of Reasonable Expectation Under The Fourth Amendment

By   /  June 1, 2012  /  4th Amendment, Constitutional Law 

Car Keys

Specifically, in the context of stopped vehicles, there are two ways to establish standing. One way to establish standing, is to challenge the legality of a traffic stop by the police, which according to Brendlin, a passenger may contest. The second way to establish standing is to demonstrate a legitimate expectation of privacy in the location that is searched, which according to Rakas, must be one that society is prepared to accept as legitimate.

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