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Choose Your Own Path: A Defendant’s Constitutional Right to Legal Representation

By   /  June 9, 2014  /  Constitutional Law, Featured 

Scales & Gavel

Recently, the New York Court of Appeals reviewed two cases, People v. Crampe and People v. Wingate, which were consolidated for a determination on whether defendants properly waived their right to legal counsel.

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One Less Juror: A Defendant’s Right to Juror Substitution

By   /  May 26, 2014  /  Constitutional Law, Featured 

Gavel on Lawbook

Recently, the Appellate Division, Second Department reviewed People v. McDuffie to determine whether defendant had properly submitted a jury substitution waiver, and thus, properly waived his right to a jury trial. n McDuffie, defendant was brought up on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

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