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Modern Reformation: An Overview of New York’s Domestic Relations Law Overhaul

By   /  June 10, 2013  /  Domestic Relations Law, Featured 

Wedding Rings

Although many of us lovingly declare, “Until death do us part” on our wedding day, should we instead utter the caveat, “or at least until one of us declares this marriage to have irretrievably bro-ken down?” Perhaps this is an absurd measure and certainly not one likely to garner much popularity, but in a way, such sentiment is a potential reality for many married couples.

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People v. Kent: Controversial Court of Appeals Decision Creates Loophole in Child Pornography Laws

By   /  April 15, 2013  /  Criminal Law, Online Exclusive 


On May 8, 2012, the New York Court of Appeals handed down a supremely controversial decision concerning the ability to prosecute for the possession of child pornography. In People v. Kent, the State’s high court effectively created a dangerous loophole in the penal law for those who pursue child pornography on the Internet.

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