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The Dreyfus Affair

In July 2011, Touro Law Center hosted a three-day conference on the Alfred Dreyfus affair and Leo Frank trial in Paris, France.

Appearing in Volume 29 Issue 1 of the Touro Law Review are six articles discussing the Dreyfus Affair:


Introduction: Persecution Through Prosecution: Revisiting Touro Law Center’s Conference in Paris on the Alfred Dreyfus Affair and the Leo Frank Trial

Rodger D. Citron


The Military Trial at Rennes: Text and Subtext of the Dreyfus Affair

Vivian Grosswald Curran


The Behavior of the French Army During the Dreyfus Affair

General André Bach


Due Process in American Military Tribunals After September 11, 2001

Gary Shaw


Legal Affairs: Dreyfus, Guantánamo, and the Foundation of the Rule of Law

David Cole


Considering the Libel Trial of Émile Zola in Light of Contemporary Defamation Doctrine

Peter Zablotsky