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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to TouroLawReview.com, the online companion to the Touro Law Review.  The Touro Law Review has long served as a vehicle for the delivery of timely and thoughtful information through our print edition.  Reviewing previous issues, which are now easily accessible at TouroLawReview.com, reveals the thought provoking work featured in our prior publications.

It comes as no surprise that with the burgeoning of the 21st century Internet Age, law review circulation has reached an all time low, igniting wide debate about the future of law reviews in general.  Rather than decrease the utility of law reviews, however, the Internet has only enhanced the ease with which information can be disseminated, sparking the creation of companion websites by several law reviews across the country.  For the Touro Law Review, the Internet has become an additional tool to complement and enhance our print publication.  The opportunity to share our publications with the online community, enhance our readership, and reach out to new audiences inspired our vision to develop an online companion website.  The dedicated staff of the Touro Law Review’s previous editorial board worked timelessly to make that vision a reality.  Our online companion seeks to provide information to our readers effectively and efficiently, while supporting our ongoing effort to be an environmentally friendly journal.  As a 21st century law review, we hope to further educate, enlighten, and inspire our readers.



Very truly yours,


David D. Peláez